A long, hot August

August is here. Yes, and it is wicked hot. So we'll be doing more of what's pictured to beat the heat. But what else to do? At the beginning of summer I wrote out a quick "summer plans" list to motivate me to make the most of the long days of sunshine with the boys. While most folks we know are starting school this month, we have all of August to enjoy. Our Parents' Day Out program has two short summer sessions but takes a long break to gear up for the fall. So I'm checking our list, checking it twice and here's how it stands. Items in green are considered crossed off.

Pick blueberries
visit The Barnyard in Tuscaloosa
have Christy and kids over for play date before they move 
splash in fountains at the zoo
don't forget to use pool membership
Check out the farmers' markets: Pepper Place/East Lake
visit Anniston Museum of Natural History
visit Gardendale Splash Pad
spend weekend at family cabin
Have JoJo over
Have Hudson over
Have Jacques over
Have Sykes over (getting a theme here? Will wants company!)
check out the newest yogurt places in town, Yogurt Mountain first
annual visit to Memphis 
reschedule 4th of July cookout canceled do to illness
Plan Girls Night In
Make margarita popsicles
let Will stay up late to catch fireflies
A plethora of summer craftiness

How about you? How will you spend the rest of the summer?


  1. I've updated the list in blue to reflect all that we accomplished this summer. I'm glad I made a list to help me plan our days.