Fabulous Friday

So I wasn't going to post anything today ... honestly, I'm not feeling that fabulous. But I have a cure for that.

Then I remembered this sweet, sweet story I wanted to pass on. I visit a wonderful little site called Eat Drink Chic regularly. Amy Moss shares her work and what inspires her. The ideas and photography are eye candy.

Amy had been working very hard on her engagement party and it turns out, there was a very good reason she was helping so much with the details. So go read and remember how sweet those first few days, weeks, months together as a couple are. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

Now for my cure. Locally, this is Magic City Art Connection weekend. It's our biggest art festival of the year located downtown. I love going BY MYSELF to actually get to see the art and look, really look instead of having to chase someone around. So I'm off to have some me time, maybe buy my mother's day gift (it's getting to be tradition) and later I'll take Will back after school so he can create art in the kids' area. One fourth of the festival is devoted to art education!

I wish you a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air too! It's best for what ails you.


Still not here

The computer is STILL on the fritz. Hubby thought he had it fixed today but as soon as he turns his back and I sit down, the computer is back to its old tricks.

And while I can post a thing or two from hubby's laptop (like this one), it's just not the same. I miss having everything just so, with my bookmarked familiar places just waiting for a visit. I can access only recent e-mails so anything saved for reference is out of reach. I feel disconnected!

I've been mulling what this forced hiatus from the Internet means to me as well as considering the budding computer addiction one of the younger members of the household is nurturing. I wonder what household rules can be put it place ... time limits? only play at certain times of day? If anyone has suggestions, we're all ears. Because 50 whines a day to play with the computer gets very tiresome.

At least I can tell Will that the big computer is broken and it not be a lie.


Fabulous Friday -- Tweet!

I'm starting to have a serious addiction to all things bird -- bird nests, felt birds, you name it. If it has a bird on it, I want it. Take for example, this so-pretty bird nest pendant by starrydesigns on Etsy. I've got a local source and one day I'm going to call her and place my order. She makes necklaces AND rings so can't I have one of each?! Pretty please! (If you have the time to DIY, there are tutorials on YouTube to make your own.)

At the same arts/craft fair that I spotted the soon-to-be mine bird nest ring/necklace combo, I fell head over heels for a bird nest painting, picture frame with birdie (which had it been blue and not pink would already be in da house), and a necklace with a delicate bird charm. BIRDS ARE ON THE BRAIN.

And I've got a reason for it. Will was born in April and that's close to Easter so he's got quite the rabbit collection (okay, so mommy has quite the rabbit collection). With Joseph, also born close to Spring in May, I've associated birds with his birthday. So much so, the theme for his first birthday will be "Somebirdie is turning 1."

I even had several designs for the invitation sketched with the idea to stitch felt birdies. They were going to be a lot of work (yes, I'm crazy like that when it comes to birthdays). And then I found this Valentine freebie from June Craft which is PERFECT and will save me a ton of work/time. Heck, I'm going to use them for thank you notes too! (See, not so crazy.)

Cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and raccoons ... what animals do you think are fabulous?

P.S. If you enjoy bird watching with the kids but like me don't know much beyond the robin and mockingbird, follow this link to get a free "Celebrate Urban Birds!" kit from Cornell. Tip from Birmingham Bargain Mom.


Random thoughts

That's all I got for you today, lots of random thoughts. My mind has been just a buzzing from one thought to the next. Which is why I usually write not one BUT two to-do lists daily; one for the morning and then a re-do for the afternoon/evening. Trying to keep on track and get things done. The evening to-do list should be titled "things I can put off until the boys are sleeping."

I would love to show you the picture of my fabulous shoes, or the violet growing in the middle of the alley, or of the boys having fun at the first INDY race in Alabama ... but I'm lucky the computer will connect to the internet at all. It's still a little sick; not yet in stable condition but moved out of the ICU. Chris is dedicated to figuring out the problem and fixing it. It's like watching an episode of "House" but switch the doctors with computer geeks.

Speaking on the world's most stubborn violet, I have the idea to create an alley arrangement. Will is on an anti-litter campaign so I think one day soon we will grab some gloves and garbage bags and walk the alley picking up trash. Yes, I would very closely watch what he picks up! But at the same time, I think I'll pick some "weeds" to fill a vase. Though, I'll leave the arrangement on the porch. At least two of my three boys are allergic to spring! Have you heard how bad the pollen is this year? You can see it drifting in the air it's so bad. Once I have my weeds to display, I'll share a picture. If you do the same, let me know and I'll link to your picture!

I'm heading to the dentist AGAIN today. Ugh! This is the second follow-up after what I thought was a simple filling weeks ago. I'm sure they will mess with my bite again. I hope that will fix it for good. All I want to do is chew without my mouth hurting at the end of the day. Is that too much to ask?!

There, was that random enough for you? Now, I'm going to take "write post" off the to-do list.


Fabulous Friday — When life hands you lemons ...

You squeeze them to death, add sugar and invite the neighbors over for lemonade. I love, love, love this. My Crate & Barrel catalog arrived in the mail yesterday with this beauty on the cover. I immediately had to e-mail my friend Hannah with the subject line, "Did you see this?!!!" Because, for a few years now we've all been passing around Hannah's similar-styled jar for our parties. But this one has a spout! And I really think we need it in time for Joseph's birthday party. Okay, okay ... I really WANT this in time for the party.

Because it's just fabulous.


Technical difficulties

The computer is having a bad week. My husband is in charge of that department; he's checked the hardware, the software, it could be this or that. Thankfully, he does not think it's something I've done. It might just be its time to go ... 7 years is fairly old for a computer these days.

So I'm on his laptop now and the pictures I want to post are on the external hard drive. I could hook up this wire to that port but it really is all gobbledygook to me. Yes, I am smart enough to learn HOW to do it but my brain does not have the ENERGY to retain the information. It's full of doctor appointments, shoe/clothes sizes, did I turn off the oven/lock the door, how can Joseph grow to be as smart as his brother if we don't do (blank) WORRIES. And since it's the mom's job to keep track of all the mundane things that keeps a household running, I delegate all things technical to Chris.

And roaches. If he's home, he has to kill the roach. Or moth. Or spider. All bugs, his domain.

Hopefully Chris will figure it all out soon ... or he'll finally have a real reason to buy an iPad besides just wanting one. He says the iPad would be for me. Yeah, right. Like my Mac geek is going to buy a new toy and not want to play with it.

Because of all this, I'm not getting to post as often as I like. I'll use the time to mull over a new name for the blog. This one, it's just not working for me. And it's so brand new, I think a change now would be most unnoticeable. I like "Mom is the Boss." Will told me one day that I was not the boss. My reply was, oh yes, yes I am. Chris suggested "Threeboysandamom." Throw in the dog and two cats and that's my life.

I'm open to suggestions.


Fabulous Friday — I would SO wear this

I would so wear this T-shirt. Probably while walking down the street with Chris following two or three steps behind. But I'd be ready if anyone asks, what time is it? 'Cause the cool people always know it's Hammer time! T-shirt seen on The Awesomer by way of Fashionably Geek. And thanks Chris for sharing it with me.
In my former life, I worked with pictures and words. If I was still in that former life, I would already own this and would wear it often, especially to the press room. But I would like to see it in actual colors. Seen on Leo on the Loose but you can buy it at the Supermarket.