Groovy Mother Goose

I have a soft spot for vintage children's books. Okay, okay it's a big honking love. I am especially drawn to books from the 1950s and 60s. And there's just something about Mother Goose books that I like but what that something is, I couldn't tell you. Maybe nostalgia since most of us grow up with Jack, Jill, Little Boy Blue and Miss Muffet? Maybe the game of trying to figure out if there is any reason behind the rhyme? Seriously, most of it just reads like gibberish. Can't remember where I found this 1977 edition of "Dean's Mother Goose Book of Rhymes." The outside looks rough but the inside is just fine. I kept it intending to use it for craft projects but I just can't make myself tear it up. I mean, look at these crazy good illustrations by sisters Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone. Apparently a good copy can fetch quite the price so be on the look out.






This is probably my favorite rhyme in the book.

What's your favorite Mother Goose?