To infinity and beyond, Lego-style

Our Lego store in the Galleria is hosting a huge build event this weekend. And I mean huge. By Sunday night, an 8-foot tall Buzz Lightyear will be standing in the food court. I took Will and best buddy Alex to participate Friday afternoon.

That's the model behind the boys. Buzz was only built to his knees by this point.

I asked Erik, the Master Builder, to pose with the boys. Turns out he is Erik Varszegi and he's built some very cool things over the years. Here's an interview from 2005 about some of the Star Wars models he's had a hand with. (I know, Star Wars and Legos ... doesn't get much geekier!)

Wonder how the build works? The kids (and their mom in this case) use small bricks to build bigger bricks. Or more technical, you use 2x6s and 2x10s to construct a 2x4 brick five times the size.  I thought this bin was cute ... it's all the rejects. The Lego store employees don't hurt a child's feeling when the child doesn't follow the instructions just right. They quietly inspect the work and put aside anything unusable. I think that's sweet. 

And what did Joseph do? He played with the Duplo bins while brother and Alex built. 

We hope to go back Sunday to see the finished Buzz. If you want to participate too, the build runs 10 to 6 Saturday (that's today) and noon to 6 Sunday.



Making summer last a little bit longer

Can summer almost be over?! The stores are filled with back-to-school items and we've got less than a month before we enter the big new world of kindergarten. (I say we because it sure feels like I'm going back to school too!)

But wait, there's no need to rush. Let's make summer last a little bit longer. 

Ice cream for breakfast! 

Turn on the sprinklers! 

Revisit those summer to-do lists to see what can still be marked off!

Print this right now! ... Scene of the Grime

More summer freebies:

Ice cream gift tags (could be used to invite folks over for a homemake ice cream party. I'm think I'll have the neighborhood kids over to make their own ice cream) ... Eat Drink Chic

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How are you going to spend these last days of summer?


Random Thoughts No. 18

I wish we had a craft thrift store like this here ... But if anyone has extra yarn lying around, I know some truly lovely ladies that will take it to make scarves for local cancer patients.

So disappointed in the last Harry Potter movie. Maybe I was expecting too much. I wanted it to be THE movie to end all movies. Maybe I shouldn't have read the book right before seeing it. Then I wouldn't have sat through the movie noticing everything that was changed for Hollywood. I still boo-hoo'd a lot.

I'm going through "Hunger Games" withdrawal. I read the trilogy over and over for almost three weeks straight. To break the cycle, I left them in Memphis with my cousin Kathleen. I'm hoping she will enjoy them as much as I do. Can't wait for the movie!

Now I'm reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." It is one messed up book. I'd use stronger language but my momma reads this blog (Hi Mom!). To took a good hundred pages to get up and running for me. I'm not sure yet if I like it. It certainly has enough twists and turns.

What I do like, and Chris too, is the new series "Suits" on USA Network. Solid writing, cute actors.

On my mind lately is creative Lego storage, planning a fall yard sale, my growing to-eBay pile, the upcoming school year and how summer is almost over ...

What's on your mind?


A bloomin' necklace

I WISH I knew how to make these beautiful crochet flowers! I think they are gorgeous. I bought the lot for $1.50 at the boys' preschool's annual spring garage sale. I wonder about the hands that made these long ago, wonder how they planned on using them. For awhile, I have been wanting to make a fabric rosette bib necklace, like this beautie, but the chances of me actually doing it were slim to none. 

But with the flowers already made ...

I was able to whip up a pretty bib necklace! 

There are lots of tutorials out there if you want to make your own. Let me show you my secret though: I was worried the felt would not be enough to keep the necklace stiff so I added a very thin piece of cardboard between the layers. Works perfectly.

Now to find a garden party to attend ...

(Linking to "Made by you Monday" at Skip to my Lou)


A place for pretties

I got this frame a while back at a neighbor's yard sale. I thought it had potential beyond photographs.

It sat around a long time but I finally got the chance to attach cork board with the help of the hot gun glue. Our bedroom has an unofficial "flower" theme so I thought it would be fun to display my vintage pins on the wall. Maybe that would encourage me to wear them more often. 

But, I don't like it. The pins don't sit straight and not all of them are up for the stress of hanging. 

Now what? I guess it could just be a message board. My first thought was to put some kind of board across with tea cup hooks to hold necklaces with space left for the pins. 

Suggestions? Would love to hear your ideas!


What I see

Joseph needed his own Wii board.


Christmas in July

Do you love vintage Christmas ornaments? Me too! 
I would love to decorate a tree with just these beauties!

(This is just a small sample of the awesomeness found in the attic of my aunt's mother-in-law. I've been recruited as the "expert" on antique toys and books and got to spend a recent afternoon cataloging the goods with the digital camera. I'm not an expert but I can use the internet to research fair market values.) 


What I see

Thank goodness for these directions or I just wouldn't know what to do.


Caught my eye

On their recent trip down to visit, I was able to take my Mom and her best friend Miss Mary (who is also Will's godmother) on a little excursion without the kids. Nothing fancy — wandering the aisles at the neighborhood antique store and lunch at the original Whistle Stop Cafe, my treat. I took pictures of what caught my eye with my handy iPhone ...

"Fireflies," local artist

Bird's nest candle holder 
(Confession: I went back to get this a few days later.)

Loving the colors of this Russel Wright pottery display.

I think these old mill spools would be awesome candleholders.

Can easily copy this idea with all the old coasters lying around the house.

Just what every tea social needs.

This is what I came home with. (Thanks Mom!) 

The book is copyright 1959 with beautiful illustrations by Romain Simon. The merry-go-round is vintage Fisher Price, 1963. They just made stuff better back in the day. Mom and I both loved the toy at first sight, but what sold it is I had my own vintage Little People at home just waiting to take a ride.

Yes, I will let Joseph play with it (under heavy supervision!)

Anything caught your eye lately?