To infinity and beyond, Lego-style

Our Lego store in the Galleria is hosting a huge build event this weekend. And I mean huge. By Sunday night, an 8-foot tall Buzz Lightyear will be standing in the food court. I took Will and best buddy Alex to participate Friday afternoon.

That's the model behind the boys. Buzz was only built to his knees by this point.

I asked Erik, the Master Builder, to pose with the boys. Turns out he is Erik Varszegi and he's built some very cool things over the years. Here's an interview from 2005 about some of the Star Wars models he's had a hand with. (I know, Star Wars and Legos ... doesn't get much geekier!)

Wonder how the build works? The kids (and their mom in this case) use small bricks to build bigger bricks. Or more technical, you use 2x6s and 2x10s to construct a 2x4 brick five times the size.  I thought this bin was cute ... it's all the rejects. The Lego store employees don't hurt a child's feeling when the child doesn't follow the instructions just right. They quietly inspect the work and put aside anything unusable. I think that's sweet. 

And what did Joseph do? He played with the Duplo bins while brother and Alex built. 

We hope to go back Sunday to see the finished Buzz. If you want to participate too, the build runs 10 to 6 Saturday (that's today) and noon to 6 Sunday.

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