So little time

If you visit often (Hi Mom!), you have noticed that things have been slow here on the blog. You know the saying, something has to give ... and this month it's going to be my creative outlet. Instead I'm going to be pouring myself into two part-time jobs on top of everything else I have going on. I've said yes a few too many times lately. I'm not going to stop posting completely, but it will be sporadic as I readjust my schedule.

Now if you will excuse me, I've got to make school lunches, get dressed and head out the door on my new adventure (They're going to pay me to hold babies! Yipee!)


Random Thoughts No. 19

Post office humor

Move over Mr. Cullen! (Check out the whole photo album. You'll see what I mean!)

I have finally started watching Mad Men from the beginning thanks to Netflix. I think it is only right that I wear pearls and iron clothes at the same time. Three episodes into season one.

I'm really proud of the kids that put out their student paper without digital technology. (Old news but I'm still proud of them.)

Will told me Monday that he likes school ... except for that one part (nap time). WOO-HOO!!!!!! I have been hoping to hear this!!!!! Drop offs have been much smoother too.

I noticed just today that Joseph's eyes are HAZEL! Like MINE! Chris did not think much of this discovery (mostly, he did not think much of how much I was making of this discovery). Family, friends and strangers all agree that the boys look like their daddy. And I'm happy they do. The Tutor men are very handsome across the board. But I like that Will's hair color matches mine and now, Joseph has something that matches me too. Happy Momma Dance!


Preppy 101

I have two faithful readers who I must keep happy by posting pictures of their grandsons. So these pictures aren't great (yes, we were rushing to get out of the house; yes, Will was not happy with me or the tie; yes, taking these made us late for school) but they are good enough for the grandmas ... 

I present Will in his first tie! So handsome!

Look, I got a smile and of course, brother had to get in on the action. 

This is their Mass uniform. Will's not a fan of the sitting still and being quite for any length of time so I'm interested to see how the kindergarteners did at their first Mass of the year. I'm praying for them and the teachers!


Music-to-go cup

Today I'm sharing a handy way to get more volume from your iPhone. 

Stick it in a cup. Yep, it's that easy. 

It's not Bose-perfect, but this technique gives the tiny iPhone speakers enough oomph to fill the kitchen with sound while I wash the dishes. 

I've been doing this awhile and I off-handedly mentioned it to someone who thought it was a brilliant idea. So, I figure maybe I should share it with a few more folks. Like you. 

I'm all about handy tips. What's your best one?



Will had his first "real" soccer game Sunday. It was fun (and funny)! Half the kids didn't know what to do, the other half ran the wrong way at least once. Will did all right; he got his feet on the ball a good bit. His team lost ... which after two practices wasn't unexpected. I'm happy to report that all the kids got to play, even the ones that didn't move. I'm disappointed that I can't say the same for the other team. But Will didn't care they lost. He had a great time. Just look at his face in the next pictures — pure smiles of enjoyment! 


"I go to school"

As of Thursday, Joseph is now back in school (half days, three days a week). It's officially a Parents Day Out program at Avondale UMC but I call it school because lots of real learning — academic and social — occurs behind those doors. At his age, it's nothing too heavy. I mostly like the fact that Joseph gets to learn how to play with peers and brings home the occasional handprint craft (love me some handprints!)

Classes were to start Tuesday but Tropical Storm Lee was not a light, quiet rain event. More like a "I'm going to pound you 'til you hurt" rain event. It was impressive. Much of Birmingham was without power these last few days. We were lucky. 

I asked Joseph to pose for a few "First Day" pictures and he plopped himself down smack in front of the door. I got three blurry shots and one halfway decent one before Joseph told me he was done. That's New Bunny in the picture. It was also his first day going to school. No waterworks dropping off Joseph. He knows the folks and where all the cool toys are.

Joseph is the oldest in his class and I'm sure he'll be teaching everyone a thing or two. His favorite things to do right now include echoing everything I say, dumping out Legos to get Will's attention and trying out his outdoor voice, indoors. He's starting to try and sing songs which is pretty darn cute. And he and Will continue to have an awesome big brother-little brother relationship. 

Someone asked me today what I was going to be doing with all my "free" time ... actually I'll be at PDO tomorrow as a substitute for the 4K class. YIKES! I'm hoping they take it easy on me!


And everything changes ...

NO ONE told how much life changes once your kid starts big kid school!

NEW ROUTINE ... Okay, maybe it doesn't change that much for folks with kids in day care. Monday through Friday, get them there by 8, pick them up at the end of the day. Now, instead of day care, you are dropping them off at school. But I left my part-time job (exactly) four years ago to stay at home. Four years of we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. Sure, Will went to preschool three days a week but it started at 9 and if you were a few minutes late, it was not a punishable offense.

Now, Will's got to be at school at 7:45! Yikes!

We need to leave the house by 7:30! Eek!!

I am NOT a morning person! Ackk!!!

Getting into the new morning routine is kicking my butt. Trying to do all I can at night — laying out Will's uniform (he's uber cute in it), picking out an outfit for me at least one level above PJs, thinking about what to pack for lunch. I'm trying very hard to go to bed early at night (HA) and wake up early (EVEN FUNNIER). Soon, Joseph starts back to Parents' Day Out three days a week which will complicate the routine even more. Also, two kiddos in two different schools means two sets of rules and how-tos and names and oh, forgive me, my head just exploded.

NEW FACES ... We've* had a good group of peers for the last three years. Now, everyone is scattered all over the city. Within our circle of friends, the kids attend at least eight different schools. It's hard to keep up with who's where. I miss seeing my mom friends at PDO dropoff. I miss knowing the names of every kid in Will's class. This is a great chance to make new friends (for both Will and I) but I want to keep the old ones too.

NEW WORRIES ... My mom called me out on this the other day. She knows I'm worrying too much about how Will is transitioning (because it ain't great folks! They've had to peel him off of me twice!). I do worry about Will because he's surrounded by new people and what if there's a bully and what if he can't get his belt back on after using the restroom and what if he gets frustrated and they don't know how to handle his frustration ... so on and so on. Then I calmly remind myself that his teacher has been teaching kindergarten for more than 15 years and certainly can handle whatever challenges Will throws her way. I'll admit it — I'm not happy with Will for not loving school. Heck, he doesn't have to love it. I would just appreciate not having a scene in the morning in front of the other kids and moms. Yes, it is embarrassing. Yes, it makes me mad. Then I'm mad at myself for getting mad and I get back to worrying. But he's fine at pickup. Tired but fine. He's learning new things and so am I.

We've survived one week of our big new world of kindergarten ... a question for the moms who have been here, done that — any other changes coming? I want to be prepared!

*I'm using "we" a lot because I feel like I'm going back to school too. I AM the one buying everything and learning the rules and changing the family schedule. Sure, it's Will's life but I feel that I'm on the journey too.