"I go to school"

As of Thursday, Joseph is now back in school (half days, three days a week). It's officially a Parents Day Out program at Avondale UMC but I call it school because lots of real learning — academic and social — occurs behind those doors. At his age, it's nothing too heavy. I mostly like the fact that Joseph gets to learn how to play with peers and brings home the occasional handprint craft (love me some handprints!)

Classes were to start Tuesday but Tropical Storm Lee was not a light, quiet rain event. More like a "I'm going to pound you 'til you hurt" rain event. It was impressive. Much of Birmingham was without power these last few days. We were lucky. 

I asked Joseph to pose for a few "First Day" pictures and he plopped himself down smack in front of the door. I got three blurry shots and one halfway decent one before Joseph told me he was done. That's New Bunny in the picture. It was also his first day going to school. No waterworks dropping off Joseph. He knows the folks and where all the cool toys are.

Joseph is the oldest in his class and I'm sure he'll be teaching everyone a thing or two. His favorite things to do right now include echoing everything I say, dumping out Legos to get Will's attention and trying out his outdoor voice, indoors. He's starting to try and sing songs which is pretty darn cute. And he and Will continue to have an awesome big brother-little brother relationship. 

Someone asked me today what I was going to be doing with all my "free" time ... actually I'll be at PDO tomorrow as a substitute for the 4K class. YIKES! I'm hoping they take it easy on me!

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