Random Thoughts No. 19

Post office humor

Move over Mr. Cullen! (Check out the whole photo album. You'll see what I mean!)

I have finally started watching Mad Men from the beginning thanks to Netflix. I think it is only right that I wear pearls and iron clothes at the same time. Three episodes into season one.

I'm really proud of the kids that put out their student paper without digital technology. (Old news but I'm still proud of them.)

Will told me Monday that he likes school ... except for that one part (nap time). WOO-HOO!!!!!! I have been hoping to hear this!!!!! Drop offs have been much smoother too.

I noticed just today that Joseph's eyes are HAZEL! Like MINE! Chris did not think much of this discovery (mostly, he did not think much of how much I was making of this discovery). Family, friends and strangers all agree that the boys look like their daddy. And I'm happy they do. The Tutor men are very handsome across the board. But I like that Will's hair color matches mine and now, Joseph has something that matches me too. Happy Momma Dance!

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