No presents, just your presence

We're gearing up for two birthday parties, back to back. Will's birthday is in April followed by Joseph's in May. The invites for Will's party are in the mail.

I was going to put "no presents please" on the invite but my inner dialogue sounds more like ...

No presents please. No really, he's got plenty. Just by being born in America, he's got more in his book bag than some children will have in a lifetime. And we don't need more stuff. Have you seen my house? It is crammed full of stuff crap. And hey, you just might not have the money to spare this month on a present for a classmate. We understand that. Keep your money. But hey, if you've known Will all his life, then yeah you might want to get him a present just because you think he's a great kid. I get that. I think your kid is great too and I want to get him/her a present. And just like that, we're all back to buying presents.

In the end, I forgot to put "no presents please" and in asking the question — do I go back and fix that? — Chris' reply was "everyone loves presents."

Yes, yes we do.

Now I'm off to make two dozen superhero capes as party favors ...


Multiplying rabbits!

You know all the old jokes about rabbits and their reproductive habits? 
Here's one: How are bunnies like calculators? They can multiply real fast! 

Well, bunnies tend to multiply around my house too. I'm not just talking about the dust bunnies either. At the moment, Joseph has nine stuffed bunnies in play — there's Baby Bunny, Momma Bunny, Grey Bunny, Snow Bunny, New Bunny ('cause he was new duh), Blue Bunny, another Blue Bunny and several waiting for names. (Let's not even count the secondary puppy dogs, dinos and bears that cover his bed.)

Time to make more bunnies for Easter!

So clever! So easy to make! Oh Happy Day

From my favorite folks at Mr. Printables. They also
 have a giant egg for coloring and an egg hunt
 board game. Hope you asked the Easter Bunny
 to bring you more ink.

Clever Martha folks. Pompom noses (and tails) always please me.

These cuties are going to multiply all over my house. Besides
using it as a garland, I love the idea from Printable Paper Craft by Happy Thought
to attach them to sticks and decorating the yard.

I couldn't find an original source for this picture.
What a cute prop for Easter pictures with the kids.