Moving upstairs

Geez, September is just about gone and I forgot to post this sweet picture of Joseph on his first day of 3K. He now goes upstairs to the "big kid" rooms and was very excited by that fact. It's all 1-2-3 A-B-C and potty training 101. Mommy has also gone back to school, sort of. I'm helping in the nursery. No more mommy's day out for me but they pay me to hold babies. Not a bad trade.


Friday finds

I must have been in the mood for a little fall color .

I went into the thrift store looking for old necklaces to repurpose into new ones. No luck, but I did leave with some very useful items for the kitchen. Tupperware pitchers are awesome so had to have it ($1.48). Vintage Pyrex is awesome so had to have it ($2.98). That thing on the bottom? It's a Tupperware sandwich keeper. We got two as a wedding present and they were one of the best presents we got! Really handy when it comes to packing lunches so had to have it ($1.48). 

Ready to roll the street.

Joseph got a new ride too. A knock-off Cozy Coupe SUV that needs a good washing but he doesn't care — he's one happy boy! And he didn't have to have it (he didn't fuss or whine or beg) so this momma thought he had to have it ($5.98). 


Random Thoughts No. 23

Been doing a lot of fall cleaning these days. (I'm sure it was on my to-do list in the spring but I found other things to distract me SQUIRREL!) Or as Chris likes to call it — making a mess. There is a method to my madness messes. I like to take everything out of the closet or cabinet and then put back what belongs in its rightful space. What, you think that's crazy too?

In other happenings ...

I stepped on a rusty nail. And our van got a flat tire. But hey, we finally got our new roof! I do not recommend stepping on a nail. No one likes to hear about such things so I won't go into detail. But it hurt, I mean really hurt. For days. And my arm hurt too because I was at least three years overdue for a tetanus shot. It been about two weeks but I'm mostly back to walking normal.

Pictured above is the best banana bread I've ever made. Actually, it's the second loaf. I know a recipe is a keeper when I want to make it again! I've been searching for a good recipe for years. It takes time because there are a bazillion banana bread recipes. Thank you Flour Bakery in Boston!

Will got a watch. It makes him look even more grown up. He's liking school. We're dealing with our first homework — about 15 minutes a night so not bad. Joseph is finally back to school too. He's excited to be upstairs in the big 3K classroom. Word on the playground is they get to play in the big gym. Just ask and he will tell you all about it. I'm also back to school, helping out in the nursery at Joseph's school. Holding babies is soooo much fun and I get paid to do it. Sweet deal!

We're gearing up for the leaner days ahead. Turned the A/C off. Cut the strings on the satellite. We still have Netflix so it's not cold turkey around here. Joseph is loving "Go Diego Go" and pretty much any animal documentary you'll turn on. Will has discovered the freakin' coolness of "Mythbusters." Chris is catching up on "Breaking Bad." I'm really missing my BBC America, especially weekends with The Doctor. But I've got big plans to finally getting around to watching a bunch of stuff — "Weeds," "Twin Peaks," "The Tudors," "Being Human," even "Mad Men."

What am I missing? I'll add it to the instant queue.


Come and sit awhile

My neighbor and friend Christine is starting her own decorating business — Reinspired Living. She can help you redecorate, restyle, repurpose and reorganize. In other words, she takes what you got and makes it look a hundred times better!!!

Christine offered to redecorate my porch to fatten her portfolio.* Took me about five seconds to say, heck yeah! It could use it! In the winter, the area turns into a dumping ground — stuff that should go in the shed but it's too cold to walk the extra five steps. In the summer, the area turns into a dumping ground — stuff that should go in the shed but it's too hot to walk the extra five steps. But in the junk, Christine found a few pieces to transform with a little paint and a lot of creativity and now I have a wonderful space to relax, entertain and/or enjoy dinner alfresco. 

Before she could get to work, I had a lot of work to do. From the porch and shed I took six big outside trash bags to the curb! All the stuff on the porch that should go into the shed finally got moved to the shed. It took several days but when I was finished, Christine pretty much had a blank slate to work her magic. I got out of the way (okay, I tried to stay out of the way).

(I know, can you believe it?!)



She painted the chairs to give the space some color, using the pillow/tablecloth fabric as inspiration. The desk now acts as a buffet. The file cabinet is repurposed to hold napkins, candles, plates, stuff for entertaining while the bottom has a cooler for cooling drinks. Cool!

(A toilet?! So ashamed.)



You're welcome to come over anytime for a visit. Be warned, you must follow the rules!

*Christine did not ask for anything in return, like this post. Of course I was going to show off my new digs! Love it too? Contact Christine — reinspiredliving@gmail.com