Random Thoughts No. 23

Been doing a lot of fall cleaning these days. (I'm sure it was on my to-do list in the spring but I found other things to distract me SQUIRREL!) Or as Chris likes to call it — making a mess. There is a method to my madness messes. I like to take everything out of the closet or cabinet and then put back what belongs in its rightful space. What, you think that's crazy too?

In other happenings ...

I stepped on a rusty nail. And our van got a flat tire. But hey, we finally got our new roof! I do not recommend stepping on a nail. No one likes to hear about such things so I won't go into detail. But it hurt, I mean really hurt. For days. And my arm hurt too because I was at least three years overdue for a tetanus shot. It been about two weeks but I'm mostly back to walking normal.

Pictured above is the best banana bread I've ever made. Actually, it's the second loaf. I know a recipe is a keeper when I want to make it again! I've been searching for a good recipe for years. It takes time because there are a bazillion banana bread recipes. Thank you Flour Bakery in Boston!

Will got a watch. It makes him look even more grown up. He's liking school. We're dealing with our first homework — about 15 minutes a night so not bad. Joseph is finally back to school too. He's excited to be upstairs in the big 3K classroom. Word on the playground is they get to play in the big gym. Just ask and he will tell you all about it. I'm also back to school, helping out in the nursery at Joseph's school. Holding babies is soooo much fun and I get paid to do it. Sweet deal!

We're gearing up for the leaner days ahead. Turned the A/C off. Cut the strings on the satellite. We still have Netflix so it's not cold turkey around here. Joseph is loving "Go Diego Go" and pretty much any animal documentary you'll turn on. Will has discovered the freakin' coolness of "Mythbusters." Chris is catching up on "Breaking Bad." I'm really missing my BBC America, especially weekends with The Doctor. But I've got big plans to finally getting around to watching a bunch of stuff — "Weeds," "Twin Peaks," "The Tudors," "Being Human," even "Mad Men."

What am I missing? I'll add it to the instant queue.