Friday finds

I must have been in the mood for a little fall color .

I went into the thrift store looking for old necklaces to repurpose into new ones. No luck, but I did leave with some very useful items for the kitchen. Tupperware pitchers are awesome so had to have it ($1.48). Vintage Pyrex is awesome so had to have it ($2.98). That thing on the bottom? It's a Tupperware sandwich keeper. We got two as a wedding present and they were one of the best presents we got! Really handy when it comes to packing lunches so had to have it ($1.48). 

Ready to roll the street.

Joseph got a new ride too. A knock-off Cozy Coupe SUV that needs a good washing but he doesn't care — he's one happy boy! And he didn't have to have it (he didn't fuss or whine or beg) so this momma thought he had to have it ($5.98). 

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