Caught my eye

On their recent trip down to visit, I was able to take my Mom and her best friend Miss Mary (who is also Will's godmother) on a little excursion without the kids. Nothing fancy — wandering the aisles at the neighborhood antique store and lunch at the original Whistle Stop Cafe, my treat. I took pictures of what caught my eye with my handy iPhone ...

"Fireflies," local artist

Bird's nest candle holder 
(Confession: I went back to get this a few days later.)

Loving the colors of this Russel Wright pottery display.

I think these old mill spools would be awesome candleholders.

Can easily copy this idea with all the old coasters lying around the house.

Just what every tea social needs.

This is what I came home with. (Thanks Mom!) 

The book is copyright 1959 with beautiful illustrations by Romain Simon. The merry-go-round is vintage Fisher Price, 1963. They just made stuff better back in the day. Mom and I both loved the toy at first sight, but what sold it is I had my own vintage Little People at home just waiting to take a ride.

Yes, I will let Joseph play with it (under heavy supervision!)

Anything caught your eye lately?

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