Going old school

So so happy to find this gem at a recent church garage sale. A Fisher-Price tape player from the 80s! For 25 freakin' cents! I had no clue if it worked at time of purchase, but for 25 cents I was willing to take a chance. When we got home, it didn't want to work but the hubby took it apart and fiddled with the insides to get it going. He totally impressed me doing it. The only thing he couldn't fix was an issue with the volume control wheel (Again, impressed he had a big word to describe it, potentiometer). A cheap $10 visit to a local electronic repair store took care of it (well, I thought it was cheap). Now I can't wait to try out the record button with the boys! 

I also picked up these cool writing slates, 15 for $1. Not sure what to do with them besides encourage Will to practice writing his letters. Open to suggestions. 

Will, who takes after his momma and loves thrifty shopping, also had good luck and found older pieces to go with his inherited Imaginext castle set for $1. Fisher-Price redesigned the line so what is now in stores doesn't match what we have. And what we have is better (Thanks cousin James!).

How about you? Have a great find to share?

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