My new hobby

This is not a pile of clutter. Okay, yes it IS a pile of clutter BUT it's my
waiting-to-sell-on-eBay pile of clutter.

Back in May, I said I needed to start selling books on eBay to pay for our growing vintage children's book collection. Case in point, four books arrived today. So I've been selling for two months. I've made a huge amount of money ... wait for it ... $39!!!! Geez, I'm not planning on quitting my day job anytime soon.

That's why I consider eBay my new hobby. It's fun to see what sells, what doesn't. I've had good luck with selling Hallmark ornaments for my mom and makeup for my neighbor. I enjoy watching a last-minute bidding war. On the downside, it can be rather time consuming – research, taking lots of photos, trips to the post office. And I wonder if Etsy might be a better place for my vintage finds. 

Will's curious about the process so he is selling three books on eBay. He took the photos, helped me write the description and is checking the stats daily. I'm afraid he's going to be disappointed with the outcome. I'm hoping at least one book sells.

Chris helped set up this mini-photo studio. Behind the scenes ain't always pretty.

Tips for selling on eBay? Found any good deals?

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