It's a keeper

I found this wonderful 1952 copy of Winnie-the-Pooh at a recent garage sale. I walked out with 10 books for $2.00. Figured I could make some pocket change on eBay. But instead, I'm keeping it for now. I was just about to hit "list your item" on eBay but each time I handled the book, it just felt wrong to let it go. 

The map of the "100 Aker Wood" tells you exactly where the bee tree is and where the woozle wasnt (sic). I actually have never read the book but I'm very familiar with the characters thanks to Disney. Looking forward to sharing this chapter book and its charming decorations by Ernest H. Shepard with the boys.

Now I did list this book, "Nicholas Needlefoot," published in 1944, on eBay. Which is actually where I got it in the first place. It is in great shape for being 67 years old. I love the black, blue, yellow color scheme used throughout the book. Not sure if it's a children's book or is hiding a message related to the big war going on at the time. Can't find much information about the book or the author on the Web. 

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