Beds o' bunk

Whoa, looks like someone got new bunk beds! 

Actually, they are not new. They come to us from an attic in Memphis — my Uncle Ray once slept on the top bunk. Will was very excited for the change. And a big change it has been ... no more cuddling with mommy at bedtime because that top bunk won't hold me! Yes, I will miss it but it's time for him to go the $%&* asleep already. 

Joseph was pretty excited too but it was very clear after the first night that he is not ready for a big boy bed. He'll be rockin' the crib for a while longer. No rush. (Really folks, there is no rush. Several friends asked why we are ready to move Joseph out of the nursery ... we are NOT expecting. It just would be nice to have a guest/junk room to throw everything in and shut the door.) The bottom bunk is ready for Joseph though. He got a new quilt in the mail from talented Aunt Catherine. It's warm and cozy, just perfect for dreaming under. And it matches the "transportation" theme of the room. 

For now, the bottom bunk is great for group bedtime stories and yes, cuddling. 
Because Will's not off to college yet. Just kindergarten.

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