Here comes the bride

My friend Vivi's getting married! I'm excited for her. And excited that she has asked me and another friend to play design consultants for the big day. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! 

The another person, Kim, and I have not met so Vivi wrote wonderful paragraphs to introduce us. I thought Vivi did a spot on job reporting on me:

"I met Christina after she got engaged to Chris Tutor and moved shortly after he did to Birmingham in 2003 to work as a designer for the B'ham News, and she subsequently became my closest friend in the city. Christina was the brains behind the Young Journalists' Club of Bham. She quit working at the paper to be a mom full-time to her two really cute boys. She is constantly doing really creative crafty things with the kids, blogged here: http://www.prettylittlenest.com, and is the owner of approximately 5,432 Martha Stewart magazines. Christina and Chris got married at the lodge at the Birmingham Zoo — it was fall and everything had a fall leaf design and candles everywhere and it all felt very warm and intimate."

Her words about our wedding made me happy. Chris and I worked very hard to have a cozy event for family and friends. And yes, we do get a kick out of telling people we were married at the zoo. 

There is one thing Vivi wasn't kidding about ... I do have a quite a few Martha Stewart magazines. Case in point:

Of the MS Weddings magazine, I have 17 issues including the premiere issue from 1995. 

And these three special editions. All full of good ideas to share with Vivi. 

I better get busy doing my research!


  1. just got home from a three week vacation and got the book!!!! what a fun surprise. you are the best! erin:)

  2. hello! I just saw this and it made me happy. I am SO excited to have your advice and guidance for the wedding!