Crafts of summer

Crafting with Will can be ... dauting. If he's interested, he's all hands on deck, ready to participate. But once he's done, he's done whether or not the project is. He comes up with great ideas that require time to gather supplies and can be uninterested once they are ready.

Last summer, I planned a week of projects and got a lukewarm response. This summer, no such pressure. But we still happened to have some crafty fun:

Will spent a whole week making paper airplanes after earning this book from the MB library's summer reading program.

Experiments with making granola/trail mix were tasty.

Finally, some drawing action. Ed Emberley books rock!

I love this knight! Of course, his shield has a "W" for Sir William.

Joseph, on the other hand, loves to draw and craft and will sit for quite a bit playing with paints. Recently, this post about using foam sheets for stamping got me thinking. I cut up some heavy-duty styrofoam and let Joseph loose.

As Real Simple magazine would say, here's a new use for an old thing — I made a little handle for the stamp with a push pin. 

At this moment, the house is quiet. Both boys are hopefully having sweet dreams. Mommy's turn to play with felt and thread! Hope to have something to show you soon.

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