Time to get our craft on

I don't craft enough with the boys. I respond to requests to paint (usually made when my hands are busy with dishes or laundry or ... ) with a maybe later which I fail to follow up on 99 percent of the time. Pulling out all the supplies tends to take longer than the actual time that William will be interested in a project. Or (for shame) I get impatient when Will wants to do something his way and not the way I envision which makes him quit and we both leave the table frustrated.

I had thought before kids that it would be fun to sit and color in our coloring books for hours ... but I got a boy that could care less. That I would be that mom that encouraged daily whims to make stuff ... but there is daily life that gets in the way. Turns out I need to put on the to-do list PAINT and schedule creative time like you would a meeting.

I have marked this week on our family calendar the end-of-summer-one-last-hurrah-of-crafty-goodness week. Many of you have already headed back to school while we have another two weeks to wait. It's a long wait when Will asks everyday "Am I going to school today?" I see a lot of crafty goodness of the Web that I think would be great to try one day. Well, today is that ONE DAY.

Well, actually tomorrow is. Today I plan to take everything out of the craft closet (yes EVERYTHING) because I recently discovered mildew growing in the closet. So I'm going to take everything out, wipe the walls and hope that is enough. And when I put everything back in, I hope to make it more accessible for little hands. I also plan to keep only what we need. The closet has gotten a little junky.

Plans for the week include sidewalk paint, yo-yo balloons, decorating tote bags using potato prints and freezer paper, peanut butter play-doh, using empty cereal boxes for a marble run and car garage, snake bubbles and paper airplanes. And just maybe we'll paint.

How about it? Want to craft along? Let me know and I'll link to your projects.

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  1. Oh, I want to come. This sounds fun! The snake bubbles would be at the top of my list. Your craft closet is reminding me of a PBS show I used to watch as a child where there was a guy and he'd open a treasure chest and make crafts out of the item of the day. I remember doing a lot with pipe cleaners and construction paper. Anyway I applaud you for doing these things with Will, you are making fun memories and nurturing his creative side.