Day Two

Today we finished the marble run. After a trip to the zoo. Thankfully, the weather has cooled off a bit (heat index only 90? That's nothing!) When we got home Joseph was exhausted so nap time for him, craft time for us. I finished the marble run as Will ate lunch. Lucky grapes got to have a fun ride before being devoured. 

Next, we went outside to make yo-yo balloons. The directions are easy but the rubber bands I bought were not long enough and I had a tough time making loops to go around tiny fingers. Maybe next time. 

Things I learned:

1. You will get wet filling the water balloons. 
2. It is pretty darn impossible to blow up a water balloon unless you have filled it with some water. 
3. Can't make yo-yo balloons, have a water balloon fight instead.
4. It's hard to run in flip-flops when being chased by boy with water balloon.

We still managed to have fun and enjoyed some sunshine running all over the yard. 

After Joseph woke up from nap, we ventured not too far away from home to play with our good friend Jacques at his grandmother's house. To say her backyard is 
kid-friendly is an understatement. I wanted to share a few pictures because grandmother is certainly creative in keeping with our theme this week. 

Check out this castle! 

I loved this tiny red door. The clear stones add a nice touch of bling.

Let's explore!

In another corner of the backyard is a large play area with a sand box and pirate fort made out of bamboo. And I didn't get a picture of the tree house. Add in a few popsicles and I don't think it gets much better when you're a kid. 

P.S. I forgot to mention that after we came inside from the water balloon fight, Will wanted to make a list for daddy. Like a to-do list I wondered? Yes, that is exactly what Will had in mind. I drew out the letters in pencil and Will nicely traced them. There is only one thing on the list, "play castle." And actually it's "play play castle." Will said there were two "plays" so daddy knew he had to do it. (Really there are two plays because Will is already a perfectionist and wanted to write "play" again) It's no wonder where he got the idea for a to-do list. I make a least one a day! Little eyes are always watching us! (And yes, he got the perfectionism part from me too. Dear, you are only suppose to pick up mommy and daddy's good habits!)

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