This is a bodock

I promised to show you what a bodock is after mentioning the annual Bodock Festival in Pontotoc, Miss. This is a bodock. Also know as Osage Orange. From my father-in-law I learned that this tree has very strong wood that is good for fence posts. But what do you do with a bodock?

You find something pretty to put it on for a centerpiece. (Pretty bowl huh?*) And I was told that if I cut it in half, it contains a natural insecticide for killing roaches and ants. I'm so going to try it!

And what do you do at a Bodock Festival?

You get your face painted.

You ride the train.

You pay a godawful amount to slide on the bouncy.

You buy pottery from your friend Julie Jones (*yep, she also made the bowl). 
In her hands are my new tumblers. Love 'em!

(Psst ... this is what okra looks like.)