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"Thursdays child has far to go"

Made "Will's Sticky Toast" for breakfast this morning. Will has been requesting it for days and I couldn't put him off any longer. Broil or toast a piece of bread topped with peanut butter and marshmallows. Yum-Yum! It's a recipe Chris brought to the marriage. As we were eating, Will told us he no longer liked the name and from now on it will just be called "Marshmallow Toast." Until the name changes again. Which it did about five times during breakfast landing on "Sticky Fork Toast." Whatever the name, try it out and let me know what you call it. 

Have you heard of Chocovine? Do you like chocolate? And wine? Then you need to get some. It's red wine combined with dutch chocolate (which I just read is not as healthy as the regular cocoa because of the processing but I don't eat chocolate for my health). I know it might sound yucky but it's actually quite tasty. My neighbor Leslea shared some at the last neighbor gathering. (I have the best neighbors. We have game night, block parties, spur-of-the-moment cookouts, cocktail hour and more. The other day one neighbor had Will over to play for a few hours while another showed up with homemade fried blueberry pies. If we ever move, they are coming with us!) To me, Chocovine tastes like the chocolate martini our local martini bar has on menu as a specialty. It is definitely an after-dinner sipping dessert. Best part, an open bottle is suppose to last six months in the refrigerator! I hate to waste wine but can't always finish a bottle before it goes bad. 

In the works is a week-long "Summer is still here" hoopla. Starting August 23 I plan to craft with the kids daily. I'll post the day's craft the night before so if anyone wants to craft along they can. This is a good challenge for me, both for the blog and for crafting with the boys. I have a craft closet but I don't engage the kids nearly enough. I'm busy searching The Crafty Crow for ideas. Goodness, I want to do just about everything I see!

Think I can make this myself? Or these lovely napkins? Probably not but a girl can dream.

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