Annoying habit

I've got a new annoying habit. (What are the others? You'll have to ask my husband. Sometimes I just drive him nuts.) When we're out and about, if someone is having trouble hearing another person, I just jump right in to translate. Case in point, at the Bodock Festival a man was trying to ask a vendor where she was from. After two attempts, I spoke up and repeated what the vendor had said. I got a snappy "I heard her" as a reply. Okay, maybe you did but I was just trying to be helpful.

This was not the first time I've butted in. But I've figured out WHY I'm doing it. I've been translating so long for Will. Will's got a great vocabulary. Since I'm around him the most, I recognize the most words. At the doctor's office during checkups I remember there were guidelines for language. Here's a chart. Basically, at age 3 a stranger should be able to understand about 2/3 of what your child is saying though you might recognize more. At age 4, it goes up to 90 percent. So that still leaves 10 percent that I repeat if I see someone didn't hear or understand what Will said.

So what new annoying "motherly" habits have you picked up since having kids?

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