Day Four

Today's craft theme was food. We made cookie dough last night and left it in the fridge to chill over night so it would be ready. But when it came time to make the cookies today, I was on my own. All Will wanted to do today was watch TV or play computer games or whine about not getting to watch TV or play computer games. So I made the cookies myself.

And so far, I've eaten them all by myself because Will didn't want an animal "cracker." Dear, they are COOKIES. And Joseph didn't like them though the Williams-Sonoma recipe that came with the circus cookie cutters is quite good. But I still got to play around with something new. These cookies would be really cute for a party or to send to school. Though, it takes much patience ... never could get the lion to work right. The tiger's my favorite.

Since Will was not into the cookies, my next to-do item was peanut butter play-doh. Play and eat! Will likes play-doh and he loves peanut butter (lives on it in fact). I thought this would be a winner. Forget it! I got so much resistance from Will just mentioning the idea that I didn't even get the ingredients out. Forcing him to craft I think defeats the purpose.

So that's our craft week. Overall, I think it was a success. We tried new things; Will worked on skills like tracing and cutting. I think I will have to continue to schedule craft time, and not just for the boys. I see so many wonderful things on the Web to make. Like this ... and this ... heck, I'll just have to print some to-do lists.

P.S. It's under 90 here so I was inspired to make these too ... come on fall!

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