Polyester goodness

I love the idea of making a handmade quilt. I even started one many years ago (okay, just eight) with dreams of entering the state fair. That dream is still on my bucket list. But stuff gets in the way. We all know what that stuff is ... just stuff.

When I had to empty the craft closet last week to clean out mildew, I dug in the quilt squares left behind by my Grandmother. I sincerely plan to make a quilt with her squares. Between the squares finished and the ones cut out, I think there is enough fabric. Thank goodness because finding that much polyester could prove difficult. This is genuine '70s goodness! Might make the most flameproof quilt ever in existence. I'm sure there are some quilting purist that cringe at the thought of a polyester quilt but Grandmother was of the waste not, want not generation. I can just imagine her wearing some of these patterns.

Will helped me sort the squares — one huge match game.
Grandmother did not make many quilts. But the ones she made were special. One lean Christmas, she made something homemade for each child (5!) to have Christmas morning. My mom's gift was a quilt. It went to college with me and never made it back to her. Chris brought to the marriage a few quilts made by various family members. They are quilts in the true sense, full of rips and holes from doing their duty over the years. 

My Aunt Catherine has really thrown herself into quilt making in the last five years. (She is so crafty that I haven't seen her not be able to do something yet — our annual Christmas ornament is always a treat.) She made a nursery quilt for Will with little lambs (and the bumper pads and crib sheets) and then another quilt with big rigs for his big boy room. And we got a special anniversary quilt. 

No, he's not sleeping. Just faking.
Joseph on the anniversary quilt.
I really want to make this Night Watch quilt or this Villagers Rejoice! quilt with Lizzy House's "Castle Peeps" fabric. That second quilt is a free pattern.

And then this quilt is adorable ... "Eat Play Sleep Repeat" by V. and Co. It's also a free pattern!

Playmat quilts are fun. Here is one by Little Red When.

I was just about to hit publish on this post when the UPS guy showed up with a huge box. My mom recently asked Aunt Catherine to help with a T-shirt memory quilt for me. And while this project has been in the works for a while, the actual making of the quilt took just a few weeks. Will has been testing it out.

Most of the T-shirts are from college and high school.
My mom picked most of the T-shirts with a little input from me. Some I don't remember at all but she remembers washing them again and again. Some may not be a favorite T-shirt, but represent membership in a group or group event attended. Thanks Mom for my special quilt! Thanks Aunt Catherine for making it!*

*Chris wants to know when he gets one. 

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  1. The caption for the photo of your little guy fake-sleeping made me laugh out loud!