Where does all the time go

Really? I haven't posted since Sept. 1? Dang. Not that I haven't been writing in my head (Do you do that? I've done it for the longest time, even before the blog).

The day I wrote the last post on quilts, I could barely stand up, but I could sit up. By Thursday something had a hold of me that I couldn't even sit up. Stomach flu? An viral infection that messed with my inner ear giving me vertigo? What ever it was, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The boys behaved for the most part. We literally watched TV ALL DAY that Thursday. The meds the doctor gave me made me very sleepy so I didn't move off the couch. Not sure how I fed the boys since I couldn't stand the thought of food. Nor do I remember how I got the boys ready for bed. It did involved some tears on my part; Will could not understand HOW MUCH MOMMY WAS HURTING and I just needed some cooperation. But they went to bed, I went to bed and Friday Chris was off so I could rest in the bedroom all day. By Saturday I could sit up and even take a shower. By Monday, it was like it had all been a bad dream.

Then it was back to routine ... school started, soccer started, dishes had to be washed. Life is busy again after the long summer break. Blogging got pushed to the side but it's back on the to-do list. A lot has been happening to share so this week I'll be playing catch up. You guys may not miss me, but I miss me.


  1. Oh my gosh! Glad that you're on the mend. And, I too, "write" in my head! :)

  2. Thank you!

    And I knew I couldn't be the only one : )