In the attic

On a recent trip to the grandparents, some of the more hardier souls ventured into the attic. The search party was hoping to find training wheels to add to Will's new bike. A set was not found, but many other treasures were ...

Someone was a very lucky boy their first Christmas.
Fisher-Price Play Family Airport, dated 1972.

Folds out for play. 

Love the graphics!

Fisher-Price boat, dated 1972.
Hasbro Weebles Camp-About Camper, dated 1972.

I like the sticker furnishings. Detail shot of boat.

So important to have those throw rugs in the '70s. Detail shot of RV.

Fisher-Price Creative Coaster. Very cool vintage piece that shows the love it had.
Chris admits biting the horn off. Dated 1972.

Milton-Bradley Star Bird, 1979.
This was not in the attic but is a prized toy of daddy's that had been hanging out in his old room.
Not anymore as it came home with us. But it was not let into the van until the battery was taken out.
 It makes noise, lots of noise. And according to Will, when it was taken for show-n-tell Tuesday, everyone went crazy!

Treasures for the adults too!

This would look very nice used to frame a similarly framed picture.

My father-in-law took these from an old house slated to be torn down.  

So what do you do with vintage toys? You play with them!

Aunt Rebecca's Cozy Coupe, circa 1980s.


  1. OK, those toys are just awesome. Amazing their condition, too.

  2. Oh these toys DO bring back memories for me! I had several Fisher Price toys and my brother had the Cozy Coupe. In fact, my childre all played with the car (my brother is 14 years younger than me) and I gave it back to him for his son to play in. Those things really hold up!