So I've already filled you in about my near-death experience. Okay, I wasn't dying but it sure wasn't pleasant!

The illness completely ruined our weekend plans. See Labor Day weekend is my birthday weekend. We were all ready to go to the cabin with Chris' family for one last summer hurrah. Will declared that swimming in the lake was his favorite thing in the world and he just couldn't wait another day to go. There was no way I was going nor would they want me to bring the plague with us. Thankfully, Will did not make a big deal out of the trip being canceled. Rewind a year and he would have collapsed into tears but he's grown up a lot in that year. 

Good thing Will, with Chris' help, had planned my surprise party for earlier in the week or I wouldn't have had any cake at all. With not much notice, they gathered friends and neighbors together while I was out of the house at school orientation. When I got home, Chris calmly said come check out what the boys are doing on the porch where I got a big "SURPRISE" when I opened the door. How sweet that my little guy wanted to do that for his momma. Chris was sure I had a clue but I didn't. Just like he didn't have a clue nine years ago when I threw him a surprise party for his 30th. Good times.

Neighbors and friends on the back porch. Before my arrival, they helped with decorations
including a Happy Birthday banner made by the kids.

Joseph certainly enjoyed eating cake with his momma.
Thanks Will! 
(And thank you Chris!)

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