Fall is here

Fall is here. At least, according to the calendar. But around here you wouldn't know it because we still have temperatures in the 90s! Despite the heat, school is back in session, Halloween candy is in the stores and football is the dominate water cooler topic. I ventured out to the shed and found the fall wreath Will and I made last year. Maybe with a little visual reminder, Mother Nature will remember to turn on the A/C.

I saw this wreath first in Scholastic's Parent and Child magazine, October 2009. (Scroll down to the bottom for a picture of their wreath.) I thought, I can do that. And look, we really could. It was super easy. And easy to do with kids. Make it their "job" to gather the supplies. 

Twig Wreath

You'll need:

thick cardboard cut into a wreath shape, about 2-3 inches wide (I used a diaper box)
lots and lots of twigs, more than you think you need
pine cones
leaves and berries (real or fake) 

1. Using tacky or hot glue, start attaching sticks around the cardboard circle. 
I varied the length of the sticks but you could make them all the same. 

2. Go back outside when you realize you don't have enough sticks. 
Or in my case, go back outside twice!

3. Layer on pine cones, berries, leaves and whatever you have on hand. I had planned on just using pine cones but it looked plain. I had the fake leaves left over from our wedding decorations and I think they give the wreath a good pop of color visible to the street. 

4. Hang on your door. Enjoy!


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  1. LOVE it!!!

    seriously, so different then the normal fall wreath that everyone has. i love to decorate with twigs or vine. beautiful.

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!