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"You might try doing what my folks did. Twice a week they would go out for a special meal. . . with wine, good food, and soft lighting. Dad took Tuesday and Mom took Thursday."  — Anonymous

Okay, that one made Chris and I both chuckle.

First up, I want this now! Okay, I can't afford the actual art but I could afford a print maybe. I think it would look really cute in a play room or nursery. Seen on Design Crush. Read more about the artist, Jamie Shovlin, here

Are you enjoying the fall TV premiere week? Glad to see old friends? Have a favorite new show? Two nice guys I know wrote a great preview of what to watch or not. If it wasn't for the DVR, I wouldn't get to watch anything. Unfortunately, that means I still have some shows left over from last season. Honestly, I should just delete them but one day I'll get around to them, right? ... Shows I don't miss are "Chuck" (NBC), "Fringe" (FOX), "The Good Guys" (FOX), "Glee" (FOX) and "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC). I also watch "House" (FOX), "Desperate Housewives" (ABC) and "Private Practice" (ABC) but they're not favorites. New shows I'm going to try out include the "The Event" and "Raising Hope" (FOX). No, I don't have time to watch all these. I'll just have to give up something I love to do like cleaning the house. It will be a hard sacrifice!

I recently watched "Mamma Mia!" (had been on the DVR for weeks, see above) and LOVED IT! I like musicals in general and thought it would be cute but I liked it way more than I thought I would. It was so campy cute. And I've had ABBA songs stuck in my head every since. Meryl Streep really can do no wrong. She's amazing. 

The big project this past week has been sorting the summer/winter clothes. I got Will's old clothes out of the attic for Joseph. He is not quite on the same growth pattern as William but there is a good bit that Joseph will be able to wear. I swear it would be easier to buy new things than to keep track, sort, store, etc. the hand-me-downs. 

I took some to the big consignment sale but not as much as I could have. Bethany of Vermillion Rules is hosting a Baby Clothes Quilt Along and she got me thinking about saving the boys' clothes for that purpose. I ran into one problem though — I've had trouble remembering which cute onesie belonged to who. I think Bethany has it easier because she has a girl and a boy. Maybe I'll just make one big quilt.

That about wraps up Random Thoughts Thursday. Feel free to add your own random thoughts ...

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  1. Well, the only new show I've seen so far that I really like is "The Defenders." Sorry, I don't even remember the network, but Jim Belushi stars as a defense attorney. I never pictured him in that role, but he still has that typical Belushi style.
    The 3R Ranch