Day Three

Maybe we just had too much fun yesterday. Neither boy slept well last night and you could really tell during today's daylight hours. But I enjoyed today's activity. Not sure how I missed making potato prints as a kid. At least, I don't remember slicing a potato open, putting it in paint and decorating with it. (You ever wonder how ideas come about? Like who was the first person to think "I'll eat this dirt-covered root I found in the ground?" And then who thought, "Hey, I can put paint on this and make a stamp." Seriously?)

Will lasted about 10 minutes on this. Called it boring. Wasn't too patient with the set-up time (don't forget to put cardboard between fabric layers) and probably didn't like the fact that I kept telling him to put down the paint because we're not ready for it yet. I said PUT DOWN THE PAINT.

Will did the yellow and I did the blue stars. Looks like lemons to me. Very summery.

This one was all me. Where it an art print, I would call it "Gumballs." Inspired by the Poketo Dots tote recently on sale at Target and a music fest shirt at least 8 years old that had gumballs on it. I found the tote bags at a local T-shirt design shop for $2.50. Michael's also sells them for just a little more.

I didn't want the day to be a waste so after dinner I brought outside supplies for making snake bubbles. I live on a wonderful street where the neighbors socialize while the kids play ... almost nightly!* The street has gone from having three kids when we moved in to eight, ages ranging from preteen to babies. We look after each other, our kids and pets, have block parties and cookouts and game nights ... jealous yet? Really you should be. If we ever move, we're taking our neighbors with us!

*Except when it's a million degrees outside. Then we just keep to our A/C comfort.

Supplies are easy — water bottles, rags, rubber bands and dishwashing soap. Didn't make long snakes but they did make a lot of foam.

Here's our neighbor Sophie getting in on the action. Actual amount of time having fun with these things: 5 minutes tops. Would like to know what kind of bubbles they were blowing over at Family Fun. They used towels, I used old flannel. We'll have to try a towel next time.

Tomorrow's theme is food. We're going to make peanut butter play-doh and animal crackers using circus animal cookie cutters found on sale at Williams-Sonoma. Knowing how Will doesn't like much waiting, we made the dough tonight so it could chill overnight. Good thinking mom! 

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  1. Thanks for the evening of bubbles (which greatly excited Walter, even if he did decide to drink some of them). I love that photo with him observing in the background.

    Yes, we have a great street! Now, y'all have fun with your dough today. Looking forward to hearing all about it....