Book crazy, part two

Yes, that's a big box. Yes, it's full of books. 
No, we didn't need more books BUT of course we need more books!

Before I went to the downtown library book sale, I purchased a grab bag of sorts on eBay. A lot of 72 vintage children's books of various sizes and styles. While there were a few pictures, I didn't really know what I was getting. I had a fun time opening the box and seeing the contents. Turns out, I got quite a few gems. All for about 34 cents a book. Not bad! 

If you are a "Corduroy" fan, this name is familiar. But maybe you are like me and didn't know until recently how many other books Don Freeman has written and illustrated. This sweet family story is from 1957. Sid and Midge are two pigeons in San Francisco who find the perfect spot for their nest. Put it on your check-out-from-the-library list.

This one made me laugh out loud.

An interesting book with moving flaps/parts from a 1976 Folger's promotion. All the parts work which is the first thing I consider about vintage books with moving parts. But it is definitely going back on eBay. The clown on page 9 is rather disturbing and I don't even have a thing against clowns. 

One of the first board books? Copyright 1964.

Digging the illustrations! 

My favorite story has to be "The Husband Who Tried to Keep House." Anyone want to guess how well it went? Here's a hint: The wife had no problems out in the fields.

Groovy coloring books. Joseph will especially love these. 

Amazing collection of "little" books. 

This is the oldest book in the collection. Copyright 1944. Nothing to indicate that it is not a first edition. Could be worth more than all the other books combined. 

What I didn't consider when buying so many books, is where would I put them?! The shelves here are officially full so that's all the books I'll be purchasing for awhile.*

*Fingers crossed


  1. Cool books! 2nd and Charles frequently has old books in their free bins. Just the other day, I came home with a 1960s Social Studies book, I like the Farm {from 1961}, and How To Dance {from 1945}. I love 2nd & Charles!