We're like Mayberry, with a twist

With our friendly neighbors, kids playing in the street until dark, the moms at home with the children — you would think we're back in the 1950s. Especially now that we're all hooping it up. That's Christine and Mavis in the picture above. It's good exercise while we're watching the kids. Guinevere and Sophie have been practicing their tricks too. Will's just about got it.

Now I can get in on the action too! Thanks to my cool friend Nichele, I have a brand new hula hoop all of my very own. Yep, she makes hoops. And teaches spin classes and writes about health. And a million other awesome things like make wine and drive an Alfa Romeo. I said she was cool.

So come on over, grab a hoop and hang out with us anytime. 
Donna Reed pearls and aprons optional.

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