Fabulous Friday -- Tweet!

I'm starting to have a serious addiction to all things bird -- bird nests, felt birds, you name it. If it has a bird on it, I want it. Take for example, this so-pretty bird nest pendant by starrydesigns on Etsy. I've got a local source and one day I'm going to call her and place my order. She makes necklaces AND rings so can't I have one of each?! Pretty please! (If you have the time to DIY, there are tutorials on YouTube to make your own.)

At the same arts/craft fair that I spotted the soon-to-be mine bird nest ring/necklace combo, I fell head over heels for a bird nest painting, picture frame with birdie (which had it been blue and not pink would already be in da house), and a necklace with a delicate bird charm. BIRDS ARE ON THE BRAIN.

And I've got a reason for it. Will was born in April and that's close to Easter so he's got quite the rabbit collection (okay, so mommy has quite the rabbit collection). With Joseph, also born close to Spring in May, I've associated birds with his birthday. So much so, the theme for his first birthday will be "Somebirdie is turning 1."

I even had several designs for the invitation sketched with the idea to stitch felt birdies. They were going to be a lot of work (yes, I'm crazy like that when it comes to birthdays). And then I found this Valentine freebie from June Craft which is PERFECT and will save me a ton of work/time. Heck, I'm going to use them for thank you notes too! (See, not so crazy.)

Cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and raccoons ... what animals do you think are fabulous?

P.S. If you enjoy bird watching with the kids but like me don't know much beyond the robin and mockingbird, follow this link to get a free "Celebrate Urban Birds!" kit from Cornell. Tip from Birmingham Bargain Mom.

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