Random thoughts

That's all I got for you today, lots of random thoughts. My mind has been just a buzzing from one thought to the next. Which is why I usually write not one BUT two to-do lists daily; one for the morning and then a re-do for the afternoon/evening. Trying to keep on track and get things done. The evening to-do list should be titled "things I can put off until the boys are sleeping."

I would love to show you the picture of my fabulous shoes, or the violet growing in the middle of the alley, or of the boys having fun at the first INDY race in Alabama ... but I'm lucky the computer will connect to the internet at all. It's still a little sick; not yet in stable condition but moved out of the ICU. Chris is dedicated to figuring out the problem and fixing it. It's like watching an episode of "House" but switch the doctors with computer geeks.

Speaking on the world's most stubborn violet, I have the idea to create an alley arrangement. Will is on an anti-litter campaign so I think one day soon we will grab some gloves and garbage bags and walk the alley picking up trash. Yes, I would very closely watch what he picks up! But at the same time, I think I'll pick some "weeds" to fill a vase. Though, I'll leave the arrangement on the porch. At least two of my three boys are allergic to spring! Have you heard how bad the pollen is this year? You can see it drifting in the air it's so bad. Once I have my weeds to display, I'll share a picture. If you do the same, let me know and I'll link to your picture!

I'm heading to the dentist AGAIN today. Ugh! This is the second follow-up after what I thought was a simple filling weeks ago. I'm sure they will mess with my bite again. I hope that will fix it for good. All I want to do is chew without my mouth hurting at the end of the day. Is that too much to ask?!

There, was that random enough for you? Now, I'm going to take "write post" off the to-do list.

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