Still not here

The computer is STILL on the fritz. Hubby thought he had it fixed today but as soon as he turns his back and I sit down, the computer is back to its old tricks.

And while I can post a thing or two from hubby's laptop (like this one), it's just not the same. I miss having everything just so, with my bookmarked familiar places just waiting for a visit. I can access only recent e-mails so anything saved for reference is out of reach. I feel disconnected!

I've been mulling what this forced hiatus from the Internet means to me as well as considering the budding computer addiction one of the younger members of the household is nurturing. I wonder what household rules can be put it place ... time limits? only play at certain times of day? If anyone has suggestions, we're all ears. Because 50 whines a day to play with the computer gets very tiresome.

At least I can tell Will that the big computer is broken and it not be a lie.

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