Technical difficulties

The computer is having a bad week. My husband is in charge of that department; he's checked the hardware, the software, it could be this or that. Thankfully, he does not think it's something I've done. It might just be its time to go ... 7 years is fairly old for a computer these days.

So I'm on his laptop now and the pictures I want to post are on the external hard drive. I could hook up this wire to that port but it really is all gobbledygook to me. Yes, I am smart enough to learn HOW to do it but my brain does not have the ENERGY to retain the information. It's full of doctor appointments, shoe/clothes sizes, did I turn off the oven/lock the door, how can Joseph grow to be as smart as his brother if we don't do (blank) WORRIES. And since it's the mom's job to keep track of all the mundane things that keeps a household running, I delegate all things technical to Chris.

And roaches. If he's home, he has to kill the roach. Or moth. Or spider. All bugs, his domain.

Hopefully Chris will figure it all out soon ... or he'll finally have a real reason to buy an iPad besides just wanting one. He says the iPad would be for me. Yeah, right. Like my Mac geek is going to buy a new toy and not want to play with it.

Because of all this, I'm not getting to post as often as I like. I'll use the time to mull over a new name for the blog. This one, it's just not working for me. And it's so brand new, I think a change now would be most unnoticeable. I like "Mom is the Boss." Will told me one day that I was not the boss. My reply was, oh yes, yes I am. Chris suggested "Threeboysandamom." Throw in the dog and two cats and that's my life.

I'm open to suggestions.

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