Fabulous Friday

Here a few things I found this week that I thought were pretty darn cool. I hope you do too.

Skip to my Lou is a wonderful source for kids craft and DIY projects. Tuesday's product was DIY Thank Yous. It falls under the "why didn't I think of that" category. My guys are too little to write their own thank yous and I've gone back and forth -- do I write the thank yous as mom or write it from them. I lend towards using their voice but don't want it to be too cheesy. Cindy has the answer. She found a free font that looks like it came out of a handwriting exercise textbook. Have your kid dictate their thank you to you, print it out and then they trace over the letters. Grandma gets a precious thank you, and you sneak in a little schooling on the side. Pure genius!

Speaking of handwriting, go here to print your own personalized handwriting worksheets. That should make homework fun. You could also use it to practice address and phone numbers or other important information your little ones need to know.

To finish out the theme, do you know how to properly use a semicolon? Get schooled at The Oatmeal. Grammar CAN be fun! My thanks to Hannah for sharing this Web site with me.

Know of something fabulous? Feel free to share.

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