Fabulous Friday

Today's Fabulous Friday find is this wonderful red purse.

First, a back story. My neighbor Laura is fabulous herself. You're not suppose to covet your neighbor's property but oh, do I covet Laura's closet and her tiny physique to wear it on. It's like living next to Audrey Hepburn. She even has a little black dress to dress up for any occasion!

In other words, Laura is one classy lady and is a classy, chic dresser. And she has an adorable vintage orange purse that I wanted as soon as she showed me.

Laura found it at Charm downtown on 2nd Avenue South, across from cupcake heaven or as others call it, Urban Standard. Charm carries a mix of vintage and new jewelry and accessories. I haven't had a chance yet to go (darn those two kids) but Chris knows that's a good thing for the pocketbook.

So a perfect day would be browsing at Charm, popping over to Urban Standard to meet a friend for a chicken salad sandwich and a Red Velvet cupcake then working off the calories checking out all the cool stuff in What's on 2nd? I just read a great description of the place on a review site, "Imagine your grandparents' basement turned into a store." A couple of hours would barely scratch the surface. At Christmas, I found a 1990 Hot Wheels Billionth Car Collection '63 split-window Corvette for Chris, his dream car and a rare contest piece, and vintage 1970s Vulcan Christmas ornament pre-renovation. But I'm off topic ...

So when I saw the orange purse's red cousin at Zoe Consignment and Vintage in Forest Park, I had to have it. Luck for me, I had built up a little bit of savings after bringing in some clothes for consignment. Mad money!

The red purse is vintage 1960s. It's unusual feature is not two, but three compartments. The two clasps are deceiving. I've built up a small (very small compared to most women!) collection of handbags so I'll have to add this into rotation ... once I don't have to carry a diaper bag! Until then, my purses sit in the closet waiting for the occasional kid-free outing.

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  1. I'm completely flattered! And I do love that orange purse. Should take better care of it then, right? Anyway, thanks. And I love your red purse, too!