Eat less, move more

EAT LESS, MOVE MORE ... that's my new mantra. It is inspired by the recent discovery that clothes that fit me just a few months ago no longer do. I have some cute clothes -- I don't think that Stacy and Clinton would throw ALL of my clothes into the trash, maybe just a fourth. I want to wear my cute clothes!

Plus, swimsuit season is coming up. I plan to live at the pool again this summer. It's the only time I feel the membership fee is worth it. Will loves the water; he's a little fish. And I'm betting Joseph will like splashing too. Both will sleep sooooo good at night after a day in the sun. Now, I would put on my swimsuit right now and go to the pool and not care. When it comes to the pool and kids, I know folks are watching their kids, not me. But it still would be nice not to be the biggest momma there.

I wouldn't really call this a diet. It's more about getting back on track that just losing weight. This is just another area that mommy and daddy need to set a good example.

So, how am I going to eat less, move more?

Today I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. I bounced around the racketball court some. Chris will join me there in the future.

I'm going to drink less Coca-Cola. I love my Coca-Cola. But drinking about a 2-liter a day is a bad, bad habit of empty calories. I need more water. My body would like more water.

I'm going to try moderation. Instead of 5 cookies, maybe just 2. And so I don't try to claim cookie No. 4 as cookie No. 2, I'm going to write down ever bite I take. Many studies have shown writing it down leads to actual weight loss.

Last, I plan to check in here with my progress every Thursday. That's the day I'll weigh in at the gym using the same scale to keep things consistent. I may not tell you my exact weight, but I'll share my ups and downs.

Okay, I've got a plan. Time to put it into action.

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