Martha! Martha! Martha!

We all have our quirks and different obsessions. Mine happens to be a love affair with Martha Stewart Living. It took me several years but I now own every single issue. And every single issue of the offshoots -- Everyday Food, MS Baby, MS Kids (oh how I miss MS Kids which no longer publishes!), and the Holiday special issues. However, I do not have every MS Wedding issue. I stopped buying them after I was married so as not to imply I was still shopping around.

It is quite a collection. Yes, they do take up some premium space on the bookcase. No, my husband does not complain. You just go ahead and ask him how many Hot Wheels he owes. Sound crazy? You might think that I am alone in this dedication but far from it. There are lots of us that enjoy the photography, writing and wonderful craft ideas. One such person is Andrew Ritchie, the man behind Martha Moments.

In Martha talk, it's a good thing — Andrew shares his thoughts on the magazine, tracks MS brand news/product launches, and sprinkles in beautiful photographs of things that inspire him. I enjoy reading his blog and he has not gone unnoticed by the Martha empire. So if Martha was going to do a show on blogging, Andrew would be a perfect guest ... so earlier today ...

HE GOT TO MEET MARTHA! ON HER SHOW! I haven't watch the episode yet but I'm sooooo excited for Andrew. That's just too cool. Looking forward to Andrew's upcoming posts about his trip to NYC for the taping. While I wait, I'll draft another letter asking Martha for an autographed photograph. It would look wonderful in a frame next to all my magazines.

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