Dishes, dishes, dishes

The kitchen is still not clean. It's cleaner, and most of the dishes are washed. But I made two big meals this weekend. Not eating out is all fine and dandy for the pocketbook but it does create more work for moi.

Both boys are in bed, at least one is asleep. So now is a good time to wash/clean. Or jump in my jammies and watch a movie in bed. "Slumdog Millionaire" wins.

I'm also putting off some computer time with Chris to walk me (again) through the "how to post pictures on the internet" lesson. How he hates being my teacher. How I wish that I could retain this knowledge. I guess it won't stick until I'm posting pictures on a regular basis.

So this post, in my opinion, was rather lame. But my goal is to write daily. So the question is, is that a worthy goal when there is not much to say. Or will just the act of writing daily improve the quality in the future. I'm guessing you'll be getting more of this for the time being.

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