What's inside? Grab bag fun.

I'm a big fan of CoolMomPicks. These, well, cool moms keep me up to date on the trendy stuff that I'm just not trendy enough to know myself.

A good example is Bunny & Bee. I would not have found the San Francisco-based children's line on my own. And to be honest, I would never order from them because I can't afford $28-32 T-shirts for kids that wake up bigger every day. But I did recently order a $20 grab bag filled with 4 random shirts. What a great idea to clear out the warehouse! What a good deal! I can't wait to see what William is going to be sporting this summer.

While I love a good deal and can ride the bargain high for a few days, in this case the main attraction is the anticipation. Grab bags will never go out of style in this house. Just ask my husband about bags o' crap ...

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