Quiet week

Boy, it's been quiet around here. A big tree fell on our street, knocking out our cable. Which meant no internet for me for THREE WHOLE DAYS. It was tough I tell you, tough ... pioneer days tough. And it will be fodder for a post one of these days. But right now, I have incoming in-laws and a very cluttered house.

So real quick, here's what I've been up to ...

Watched LOST last night with the hubby. Last November, Chris was flu, stay-in-bed, "don't even think of breathing on the kids" sick and got to sit in bed for three days and watch LOST from the beginning. Yes, it was soooo hard on him to do that. He emerged from the bedroom well and totally addicted to the show. I tried really hard, REALLY HARD, not to watch with him. I've got enough to do and enough shows that I'm already not watching to watch another show ... you know what's coming, I caved around Season Three. LOST now joins "Fringe" in the "our shows" category. There's something special about having a show together.

Been burning everything in the kitchen. Chex Mix, cookies, butter ... My friend Vivi calls for more recipes here (it does have food in the title) but first I need to remember how to cook.

Got new shoes! It's been forever since I got new shoes. I had seen them in the Land's End catalog, chatted up another mom at the ped's about their comfort level and then saw them marked down to $14. So I got two! Now I don't have to wear my sneakers everywhere. And I love a bargain. Smiles all around.

Gearing up for the local Apollo Ball. We've never been. We hear that it is a big to-do. And I'm sure we'll enjoy going with our friends. But first there is STRESS. To find a dress, get a tux, clean the house for the IN-LAWS who happened to be driving through town and were talked into staying around (free babysitting WOO!). I've been feeding my stress chocolate and cokes so my Thursday check-in won't be pretty I'm sure.

So that's what I've been up to. I know, real exciting. Feel free to trump me by sharing your feats of daring-do. Or cute kid stories, I love those.

*Editor's note (2/8): We did not go to the Apollo Ball. Just couldn't work out the logistics this year. But maybe next year. Just in case, I'll be keeping an eye out for a fabulous dress.

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