Fabulous Friday — Books galore!

I know Friday is almost over. Much earlier today I had planned to tell you about the fabulous books I picked up at the annual Emett O'Neal book sale. Even sick I did not want to miss it. You see, it's the library in the posh over-the-mountain suburb. They have the children's section that all the inner-city libraries would love to have. They offer a great selection of events for little ones to big. We slum over there from time to time.

No way do I want to knock our own library system. With the county still tottering on bankruptcy, the sewer system in shambles, public schools that too often aren't an option, they get something right here and it's our libraries. We have the best storytellers Mrs. Eve and Mrs. Cass. The fine folks at Avondale love my children and have provided a warm, safe environment for us to thrive. Yes, I love my library!

But we go slum in Mountain Brook. I love the book sale because there is a huge children's book section. I have a little problem with books, especially board books. I LOVE THEM. I try very hard to remember that libraries have books for us to borrow. But then I pick up a book and love the illustrations or story or how would love it to read over and over to my boys. Or we'll get a library book and read it over and over so I'll put it on the wish list for special occasions. Or it's old and I want to love and rescue it from the recycling plant. Like I said, I have a little problem.

Chris didn't want me to go this morning. He rightfully pointed out that we are running out of room for books. Reminded me again of the libraries just waiting to lend us books galore. But I said two words ... Hot Wheels ... and was out the door with my wallet. See, Kmart has these super cool events where you get to open the cases and get first pick to what' inside. Could be a special exclusive to Kmart car. Or a treasure hunt (rare). It's a fun spurgle. As is my book sale.

Because I usually find one or two books for me too. That will be another post. I'll share what I got the boys too. Good stuff I was happy to find. Look for that next week after Joseph's spots have faded.

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