DIY: Happy Valentine's Day, Part Two

I told you I went overboard. Here are two more crafty things we did for Valentine's Day.

It's not that I hadn't heard of melting broken/leftover crayons into new shapes; it's just a project I kept forgetting about. But a post on The Long Thread reminded me and I quickly put heart crayons on the to-do list. That she shares her Valentine for the crayons was icing on the cake.

Finding the heart pan was the hardest part but I finally found one at Wal-Mart hiding not with the baking supplies or the seasonal candy but with the Valentine's teddy bears. Go figure. I'm not a ruffly girl, but I like the ruffle.

Here's my helper. Normally, Will would have lasted just a few minutes. But this particular day was different. He was very serious about taking the paper off the crayons. When I left the table to check the instructions, he was quick to tell me I had not finished my share. Quite the task-master! He enjoyed making the crayons and delivering them to friends and neighbors. I think we'll do this again.

The second project I'm sharing today also involves a free printable, this one from Hello, Good Gravy!

Hard to see in this picture, but that is a really adorable pillow box that was easy to fold together and fun to fill. I put Cheerios and fruit puffs in one for Joseph and strawberry Valentine candy corn in one for Will. In the future, these would be easy to fill with jelly beans or conversation hearts for classmates. I'm thinking pillow boxes for Easter baskets or party favors too.

(Don't you love that bag, especially the arrow handle. Chris found those last Valentine's Day and filled two with goodies for Will and I. Which is nice that we have two bags since we got the two kiddos.)

How was your Valentine's Day?

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  1. I love that you printed out my pillow box! Thanks! But, can we talk about how much I love that crayon heart you made? I need to round up all our broken crayons and do the same.