Fabulous Friday — I like shiny things

I like shiny things. I'm a magpie like that. I can be stoppped on a dime by something that sparkles. Not that I wear a lot of shiny things; I like most of my jewelry and clothing to be simple and clean. Silver is simple ... and shines.

I know Valentine's Day is behind us, but I have been thinking about the necklace above ever since I saw it. Chris, if you are reading this, BOOKMARK Lisa Leonard Designs NOW. I also love this from Figs & Ginger ...

I've seen it with the single momma bird and baby birds but not with a mommy and daddy bird (or mommy and mommy or daddy and daddy, whatever you got.) They also have this ...

Come on, now isn't that just the cutest little necklace to celebrate being a mommy. Perfect for Mother's Day. I will warn you, they look much bigger on screen than in person. A friend has one and I was surprised at how dainty the necklace looked on.

I can tell you what is NOT fabulous, a house full of sick boys, big and little. It's a good thing I've stayed well -- when mom goes down, the whole house goes down. I'm off to tend the household. Enjoy your weekend!

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