Time for summer fun

We survived the first week of summer vacation. And it's been pretty lazy so far. Lots of hanging around the house. A few popsicles. Trips to our favorite McWane and the awesome Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Now what will we do for the next nine weeks?!

Actually, we have quite the to-do list:

1) First I want to reclaim the backyard as our playground! The weeds have taken over. While I've made peace with the vines that make the chain-link fence disappear, I'm not happy about the poison ivy creeping ever closer. Once the weeds are tamed, I'm going to make an 2) outdoor play kitchen space. Next, we'll finally 3) fill the turtle sandbox given to us two years ago. Joseph will be in heaven.

Considering that we don't know what the future holds right now, the theme of this summer is CHEAP! 4) Free summer movies at Avondale Park and local theaters. 5) Make a big deal of watching the Olympics. 6) Local library reading programs full of puppet shows, magic, crafts and more! 7) Lots of visits to family in Memphis, Pontotoc and Huntsville. 8) Use the heck out of our memberships to the pool, zoo and McWane. 9) Visit all our local playgrounds again and again. Definitely checking out the one with the wading creek we just learned about. 10) Host a backyard movie party/hot dog roast.

What would summer be without a little DIY crafting?! I want to make the boys 11) bathtub paint, 12) cloud dough, 13) a hallway puppet theater and 14) a cave of stars. Everything of course is pinned!

Now we can't slack off all summer. William will continue to practice 15) his reading and 16) writing skills. We'll be 17) tying and retying a lot of shoes. Maybe the 18) training wheels will come off the bike. Joseph is going to 19) make friends with the little potty and be ready for 3K come fall. Mommy might get around to 20) finishing painting the hallway and hanging pictures.

No one better complain about being bored!

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