Random Thoughts No. 21

No news is good news is the usual saying. In this case, we have had no news about Chris' job and it's not good — the wait is driving us crazy. My head is buzzing with worries but here's a few thoughts that are totally random and not at all related to the chaos I feel inside ...

Sunday was a big day for us — we all went to a movie together! Will has been very, very anti-movie theater. Neither Chris nor I have been able to figure out why. We didn't want to force the issue but it was about time Will conquer this particular fear. With the rainy weather driving us stir crazy, we dropped by our local theater and asked the manager if Will could peek into an empty theater. And if it went well, Madagascar 3 was playing soon. The walk around went better then well, it went great! Many thanks to the folks at The Edge for understanding and being so kind. Will now wants to go "to every movie out there except for the ones (mommy says) he can't see." I don't think the big tub of buttered popcorn hurt his opinion either. It was also a first for Joseph who did great sitting in mommy's lap. He also enjoyed the popcorn! All four of us enjoyed the movie. If you liked the first two, you'll like No. 3 as well. (Remember your first movie? Mine was E.T.)

I love vintage flower pins ... I have a few. But not nearly as many as Alix of Modern Kiddo. It's especially fun to find them for a steal at yard sales. Of my pins, the ones Chris gave me after the birth of our two boys are my favorite.

Puppy love ... The boys (the big one too) are keen to get a puppy. Though I'm not sure Joseph is 100 percent on board — he's not a fan of things that can jump on him. It is not a decision we will rush into. For one thing, dogs aren't cheap. The house is not Joseph-proof, let alone puppy-proof. Chris and I still miss Enzo but it might be time to open our hearts to a new member of the family. Maybe.

The reminder I need daily ... A good read about being hands free — i.e. less distracted, more in the moment — for this stay-at-home momma who is sometimes feeling that internal pressure to be perfect. The kids don't want perfect. They want momma. So yes, my house is a little a lot cluttered and not the cleanest. The dishes can wait, playing giant robot kitty with Joseph cannot.

Creative outlets for me ... I have a giant red picture frame hanging on the wall to my left. It's awesome and I found it on the side of the road while driving to a friend's house. I love finding junk treasure. I'm going to create some kind of display for the boys' artwork/this and that inside but still mulling over ideas for it. Maybe wire? Maybe clipboards? We'll see. I'm also working on an outdoor kitchen space for the boys using only found/thrifted items. Slow going but making progress.

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